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Medical Weight Loss


  • Customized Diet Plan​

  • Nutrition & Exercise Guide

  • Lab & EKG Tests (if needed)​

  • Medications

  • ​Intramuscular Injections​


Schedule an initial visit with the certified medical weight loss doctors of Clearwater & Tarpon Springs!


The foundation of weight control. Each patient will receive an individual diet plan based off their health and weight loss needs. High protein, low fat, and low carbs are the best combination to successfully maintain a healthy and proper weight.


Phentermine and phendimetrazine are the appetite suppressors that we offer. Patients will be given the appropriate EKG and lab tests prior to starting medication. Patients with controlled diabetes and controlled high blood pressure will benefit from using the medication to successfully lose weight.

Fat Burning Vitamin

This includes green tea and chromium to help burn fat cells and carbs.


Each patient will be instructed as to what kind of exercise is appropriate to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

Intramuscular Injections

We utilize a weekly injection composed of methionine, choline chloride, inositol, and vitamin B12 to burn fat

Calcium Pyruvate

Converts food into energy and helps burn fat cells.

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" Markou Medical turned my journey for weight loss into a journey for health, weight loss came naturally after that!"

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Weight Loss Results 

Musli Mix

Michael Markou, DO, FACOFP

The average weight loss, if strict and honest with the 20-day program, is 7-10 pounds for females and 10-15 pounds for males. The average weight loss for the 40-day program is 14-20 pounds for females and 25-35 pounds for males. As with any weight loss program, weight loss will vary and results are not guaranteed.

The weight loss program can be repeated, but requires a specific time frame between rounds and is to be determined by your healthcare provider.

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