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The Family Doctors of Clearwater & Tarpon Springs

Markou Medical 

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medical weight loss can help shred pounds in a healthy way

Weight Loss

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digestive issues in men

Digestive Issues

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Muscle Pain

Low T in Men

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visit family doctor to treat sore throat

Sore Throat 

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Chest Pain

stomach pain

Abdominal Pain

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Back Pain 

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orthopedic problems and injuries in the hand


Orthopedic Problems and Injuries

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Diagnosis & Treatments 

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In the event you need subspecialty care, our clinic will provide you a referral and we will oversee your care provided by the subspecialist

Markou Medical - Family Doctors of Clearwater provide comprehensive health care to patients of all ages. The Family Doctors of Clearwater role is to follow your care throughout your life. Having the same physicians throughout your life provides many benefits including continuity of care, an established relationship and knowledge and understanding of your past medical history.

About our Services

Markou Medical 

Offers continuing and comprehensive health care and preventive services for the entire family. These include the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, routine gynecology services, school physicals, sports physicals, immunizations, preventive check-ups, certain minor surgeries. Care is provided in consultation with specialists when needed.