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There's nothing more important to us than our patients.

 We love nothing more than to help our patients feel well and be healthy. With or Osteopathic,holistic approach, our patients feel better and always live a healthier better quality life.

A Holistic Approach to Your Health and Wellness 

‚ÄčFamily Practice in Clearwater  Dr.Michael Markou D.O.,FACOFP has been in practice in Clearwater,FL for over 20 years

Dr.Michael Markou D.O.,FACOFP

Matthew Deachin, PA-C

Markou Medical 

Regenerative Medicine

We are accepting new patients .  We accept most insurances. Same day appointments when you are injured or sick.

Markou Medical will not only make you feel better by keeping you healthy, but will also make you look better with our subspecialties such as Weight Management, Hair Restoration, and Cutting Edge Regenerative Medicine used in Orthopedic problems such as sports injuries and in cosmetics with hair restoration and the Vampire FaceLift!

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